Car Rental in Costa Rica For An Interesting Vacation

Going around the small city of Central America, you can choose your transportation mode – from public buses, private vans, taxis, and shuttles to rental cars. Of all these, hiring a car rental in Costa Rica is the best option. Do you want to know why? Continue your read.

Car rental in Costa Rica gives you the freedom

With a rental car, you have the independence to write your own itinerary; no one will question you. You can even ignore it when you happen to see a beautiful park or an interesting museum that is not in your list – or when you want to go to hidden beaches. Never mind if you are not familiar with the place – as long as your car has GPS.

With car rental in Costa Rica, you also have the independence to define your own routes. You can use Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation app for smartphone users that need alternate routes.

Explore the natural attractions in Costa Rica

The type of vehicle that you can use depends on the number of people you have in the group and the places that you want to go to.

If you are a group of six or more, you will need a van. But if you will be heading to the mountains or along rural roads or Caribbean coast, a four-wheel drive vehicle is a perfect fit. Traveling to Monteverde, La Paz Waterfall, Osa Peninsula, and The Nicoya Peninsula will absolutely be hassle-free. If you will be taking the somewhat well-traveled paths, a full-size or compact car is acceptable. This also means you can rent a 4×4 vehicle on the first day and then a compact car on the next.

The chances of getting lost are very slim

The possibility of getting lost in Costa Rica is very high – the roads are long and curvy. Worst, signs do not exist. But because you choose car rental in Costa Rica, you have GPS to guide through the mountainous roads and streets.

You can choose to go to lesser-visited places

Surprised with the crowd? Then head to your next destination or search for other locations that are not often visited by tourists. Get the chance to take pleasure in a not-so-crowded place or make a side trip to a local farmers market and enjoy eating fresh fruits.

Now that you are sure that you will use to book car rental in Costa Rica, check if you have the necessary requirements to hire one: passport, driver’s license, cash or $1,000 credit card limit, and others. Ask about the insurance as well. More important, search for a reputable car rental company in the area online and reserve a vehicle before you arrive. The cost is cheaper when booking is done ahead of time.

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