Dhow Dinner Cruise – an ideal location for any occasion

If you have a very special day coming up, and you want to celebrate it in an extremely unusual place, then the best spot for it is Dubai.  This city is riddled with a myriad of locations to have a bash. To help you narrow down the location where you can celebrate the upcoming special event in a unique way, we are presenting you an ideal venue — a dhow dinner cruise.

No matter what the occasion is, you can have a great time in celebrating the event with your friends and family. Now let us talk about the kind of events that you can celebrate on this cruise and the kind of facilities that you will be provided with.

Events that can take place on the cruise:

  • Parties – You can organize a number of parties on a dhow cruise like prom parties, farewell parties, birthday parties and so on. But in order to organise a party, you need to have an early booking of the cruise so that there is no scope of disappointment later. If it is a themed party that you are looking for, you just have to let the tour operator know about the same, and all the required decorations will be arranged by them. Furthermore, the food facility will be made in accordance to your choice and there will be no complaint about the quality of the service given by the cruise.
  • Corporate Lunch- Corporate Lunch can be a very important event and can even be a life-changer at times. So if it is your responsibility to hold a corporate lunch, then there can be no better place than the a dhow Here, you can be certain that the amazing service and mesmerizing sceneries are sure to sweep your boss off his feet that will compel him to appreciate your efforts. If you want, the cruise can be decorated in the corporate level, and all the requirements will be fulfilled perfectly by the staff of the cruise. You will be glad to know that this cruise is very popular for providing satisfactory arrangements for the corporate lunch and has a great reputation in this prospect.
  • Romantic Dinner – If you are out to impress your girlfriend or spouse, then this place tops the list of the venues where you can have a romantic dinner. With an amazing ambience that invokes love and passion, you can have the best time with your partner on this Dhow Dinner Cruise. If you want your table to be in a specific arrangement like with candlelight or heart balloons, you just have to name it, and it will be done for you. It is indeed a great place to plan a surprise for your partner, and he or she is sure to be impressed with your efforts. In short, there is not a one in a million chance in which you will leave the place disappointed.
  • Anniversaries – If you want to organize a wedding anniversary or any kind of anniversary, for that matter, dhow dinner cruise is really a great place to do so. Not only will there be a uniqueness in the party venue, but all the invited guests will definitely have a great time in attending the party. The royal food, majestic scenery, and the awesome entertainment packages will keep all the guests engaged, and none will have a scope of complaints in any manner. Once you organize an anniversary party there, you will be able to gain a lot of appreciation regarding the choice of venue.
  • Family get together – If you want your spread-out family to be together and have a lot of fun in the reunion occasion, then you better go for the dhow cruise since it promises to give you an enthralling experience that you would not dare forget. You can keep entertaining elements like belly dance shows, DJ disco for a little fun time for the adults and magic shows for the kids so that there is no loophole for monotony to seep through. If you want, you can choose to keep all different types of cuisines for dinner so that everyone has their choice of food in front of them.
  • Pre-wedding photography – If you have a dream of getting your pre-wedding photography done, then you can fulfil your dream right on the cruise itself. This is because the beautiful, serene surroundings of the deck are sure to bring about breathtaking photography sessions and the snaps are certain to bring a smile on your lips.

Basically, after all the above-mentioned facts, it can be said that the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, is one of the best spots where you can have any type of occasion arranged according to your taste and budget, and in a picture-perfect manner. For the next time, no matter what the occasion is, make a plan to book the dhow cruise so that the event goes perfectly.

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