Israel Travel Guide – AVisit To The Holy Land

Israel is a country which is barely the size of New Jersey but it offers a wide variety of Biblical proportions and many scenic places which you will remember forever. Israel is a prime destination for religious pilgrimages and It offers many sacred splendors, the Western wall, the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

And this is just inside the walls of Jerusalem, the holiest city in the world. Israel offers a range of diverse experiences from the home of Baha’i faith in Haifa to high towered buildings and beaches in Tel Aviv. If you want to build your own Holy land itinerary for travel in Israel, read this Israel travel guide and you will find more.

Israel Travel Guide – Places You Shouldn’t Miss

This informative Israel travel guide has compiled a list of some of the best places of historical and cultural experiences which you should not miss in your tour to Israel. Some of the most popular tourist activities are:

  • Watching the Western Wall in the Old city of Jerusalem
  • The home of King David’s tomb- The Coenaculum of the last supper on Mt. Zion
  • Enjoying the healing waters of the Dead Sea
  • Strolling through the Jerusalem’s Hassidic Jewish Quarter Mea Shearim
  • Visit to Haifa and exploring it for sea views and the Baha’i Gardens
  • Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv of 1930’s

Which Is the Good Time To Travel In Israel?

This Israel travel guide suggests you the best time of the year to visit Israel.  If you combine the weather conditions and the holy days, you will reach the good times of the year when you can visit Israel. The popular time for travelling to Israel is the late spring and the fall when the climate is warm but there is no intense heat and fairly dry.

Despite the intense heat in the summers which is over 100 degrees, it brings many tourists in summer for a travel in Israel especially in the month of July and August. The winter in Israel lasts from October to Feb or March and consists mostly of rain.

The high season for the tourists is experienced when there are Jewish and Christian holidays especially in Jerusalem and Galilee. The high rates are experienced and the peak times are Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot in September and October, Christmas and Chanukah in December and Easter or Passover in March or April. A nice season for a travel in Israel in terms of low crowd, low rates and fairly good weather is May.

Hope this Israel travel guide will be helpful for you for your next travel in Israel. Just keep in mind that many businesses around Israel remain closed on Saturdays for the Jewish Sabbath.

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