Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Places In Singapore Attractive

Singapore until now become a very attractive tourist destination, including for the citizens of Asia and the World. Due to the location of Singapore which are in Asean and become one of the best tourist country in Asia.

Although it includes a small country, Singapore has many attractive tourist spot with delicious culinary treats, it is not surprising that many people who prefer a vacation to this country. The cost of the trip to Singapore is not too expensive, is different when you are on holiday to countries in East Asia or Europe and even America. The following tourist attractions in Singapore are very famous and beautiful:

River Safari Singapore

There are great places for surfing entering the wild life park with the main theme of the river first and the only one in Asia, in this place, you can see more than 5,000 animals precisely at the time of the initial launch of River Safari.

Wander 8 freshwater habitats as well as a close look at the giant river that is quite rare, such as river otters are giant, giant catfish and the gecko and the Mekong. There is also an exhibition of giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia are located in the shade of the Giant Panda Forest.

This place is open every day from 9:00 to 18:00 pm, to get into this place needs to be paid ticket for $ 28 for adults, $ 12 for seniors and $ 18 for children.

Universal Studios Singapore

This place is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore. You are indeed very keen to go here after planning for a vacation to Singapore, can come and pay the entry ticket, this place is open every day starting at 10:00 to 19:00, for adults pay a fee of $ 74-118, for children $ 54 -88 and for the elderly $ 36-58.

Gardens by the Bay

One of the tourist attractions in Singapore which has a beautiful natural landscape is the Gardens by the Bay. This place is rumored to include the 10 Best Garden in the World, is the work of a very beautiful nation.

This park was awarded “International Thea Awards” in 2014 given by Themed Entertainment Association for his outstanding award-park Botani.Anda can see various types of plants from all over the world in Cooled Conservatories or see the vertical garden that rose into the sky in Supertrees.

Merlion Park

You are interested in a closer look at the biggest well-known icon in Singapore can go to One Fullerton Singapore. Unlike the two sites mentioned earlier, to enjoy the style of a mini tour you do not need a lot of money and more fun again, this place is open every day for 24 hours straight.

Wings of Time

This place is located at Siloso Beach Sentosa Express Beach Station. Treat yourself by watching and listening to beautiful music and laser shows. To get into this place needed an entrance fee to rent chairs.

You who wish to reserve a standard seat can pay $ 18 for foreigners and $ 15 for local residents and visitors alike. As for the book premium seats, takes a fee of $ 23 per person.

Bugis Junction

National Park, tourism spot in Singapore will indulge your passion for a hobby shop in this place a lot of shop adjacent to the new shopping palace.

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