Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

6 Places In Vietnam Beautiful

Vietnam is a country that is becoming attractive tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, Vietnam became the 13th most populous in the world with a population of about 84 million people.

Just like other countries, Vietnam also has many popular tourist attractions and interesting. If you are interested to spend a vacation or holiday in this country, then find out in advance, what are the tourist attractions in Vietnam an attractive, beautiful and of course popular among local tourists and foreign tourists.

Ranging from natural attractions, to the historic sights and shopping attractions, everything you can get in this country. And this is the interesting places you must visit while in Vietnam:


Is the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam as Hanoi is the capital of the Vietnamese nation every day is always visited by foreign or local tourists.

Right in the heart of Hanoi, you can see the historic building which is part of the old quarter, there is also an open museum that comes from Asia and French colonial architecture and largely intact despite the bombings had occurred in the Vietnam War.


This place is located on the banks of the Perfume River, Central Vietnam. In this place, you can see a variety of well-known buildings such as the monuments of the city and castle. The fortress is located in Hue Vietnam can be quite large with a range of steps, you can admire the beauty of its architecture while perpetuating portrait at some point are beautiful and unique.

Ho Chi Minh

This place is located along the river Siagon and close to the Mekong Delta, precisely in the southern part of Vietnam, long ago, this place is known by the name of Saigon which is the capital of South Vietnam, and is recognized over the period of the Vietnam War.

This city, including the city most visited by foreign tourists because of the many tourist destinations on offer. You can learn the heritage buildings, while doing the shopping, tourist attractions and culinary and enjoy the evening entertainment provided each night.

Nha Trang

Tourist attractions in Vietnam are located in one of the most beautiful bays in the Asian continent, specifically off the coast of South Vietnam. Is a resort town beach which is very popular among local tourists and foreign tourists, there are beaches and lush island that offers a variety of natural beauty and panoramic ocean life unique, tourists can go scuba diving or just walk and enjoy the beauty provided by the beach in this place.


In this place, you can see thick pine trees, colorful flowers and landscape and scenery is very beautiful. You who are looking for the best tourist spot to cool off in Vietnam can go to this place because here, the place is very quiet and comfortable, you can enjoy the beauty of nature with comfortable, there is a villa that you can rent.

Ha Long Bay

Tourist attractions in Vietnam who never missed to be visited by tourists who have the opportunity for an enjoyable holiday to Vietnam is Ha Long Bay, why is that? because this place is very beautiful with complete facilities, you can see the beach and interesting caves. Highly recommended to go visit this place when you want to enjoy the natural beauty and clear water.

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